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In superresolution microscopy (e.g., PALM and STORM), biological structures such as cell membranes are imaged at length scales far below the optical diffraction limit of a few hundred nanometers. This allows to observe details that can not be resolved via standard light microscopy. Superresolution microscopy is an indirect imaging technique, where instead of the structure itself, fluorescent labels are imaged over thousands of image frames. The analysis of this data is a huge computational and mathematical undertaking.

In this project we address the technical limitations using (combinations of) new approaches, and we develop new holistic model-based data analysis strategies. We aim to develop robust reconstruction techniques that are optimal in the sense that they extract the maximum amount of information from the recorded data. This project is a cooperation with the Biophysics group of Gerhard Schütz at TU Vienna.

For more information have a look at the Webpage of our SFB, opens an external URL in a new window.

Image credits: National Cancer Institute, opens an external URL in a new window