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Lecture Series Artificial Intelligence

  • The "Lecture Series Artificial Intelligence" hosts lecturers from different scientific disciplines and backgrounds.
  • Due to Covid-19 restrictions physical attendance of the lectures is reserved for 1st semester AI students
  • For questions and feedback contact Johannes Kofler via kofler(at)ml.jku.at.


Semester Overview:


Date Speaker Affiliation Title of Talk Abstract
06.10.2020 Martin Müller Department of Computer Science, University of Alberta, Canada Computer Go -- From the Beginnings to AlphaGo and Beyond Abstract, opens a file
20.10.2020 Sepp Hochreiter Institute for Machine Learning & LIT AI Lab, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria Deep Learning -- the Key to Enable Artificial Intelligence Abstract, opens a file
27.10.2020 Oliver Bimber Institute of Computer Graphics, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria Seeing through Forest Abstract, opens a file
03.11.2020 Georg Gottlob Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford, UK My adventures with Datalog: Walking the thin line between theory and practice Abstract, opens a file
10.11.2020 Hendrik Strobelt IBM Research & MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab, Cambridge, USA Human Interaction and Collaboration with Machine Learning models Abstract, opens a file
17.11.2020 Elisabeth Lex Institute of Interactive Systems and Data Science, TU Graz, Austria Recent Advances in (Session-based) Job Recommender Systems Abstract, opens a file
01.12.2020 Martina Seidl Institute for Formal Models and Verification, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria Competitions as Scientific Method Abstract, opens a file
15.12.2020 Peter Kovacs Department of Numerical Analysis, University of Budapest, Hungary Towards model-driven neural networks Abstract, opens a file
12.01.2021 Doris Allhutter Institute of Technology Assessment, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna, Austria

Algorithmic Welfare: Citizen Profiling in the Public Sector

Abstract, opens a file
19.01.2021 Tega Brain Tandon School of Engineering, New York University, USA Misbehaving Systems: Experiments in distributing agency Abstract, opens a file
26.01.2021 Günter Klambauer Institute for Machine Learning & LIT AI Lab, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria

How neural AIs are changing healthcare, medicine and drug discovery

Abstract, opens a file

Lecture Series Artificial Intelligence 2019/20