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Semantic Interpretation of Special Arrangements of Card-based Conceptual Models

This master's thesis deals with the digitization of modelled processes and, in particular, with the methodology of card-based modelling. Several projects have already been carried out and tools developed based on this methodology. This means that topics such as reading in or validating and checking a model have already been successfully implemented in the digitization chain. The resulting open gap between these and both implementations concerns the interpretation and transformation of imported models and is addressed in this work. In this context, interpretation is understood as the evaluation of read-in models according to an assigned legacy structure. This evaluation is implemented using newly developed and adapted algorithms. As a result, these algorithms calculate an assignment proposal and enable interactive queries to be made in the event of optional uncertainties. The resulting assignment of the elements is then to be transformed into a format that can be processed by the validation tool. Accordingly, as part of the transformation, it is necessary to convert the results obtained into a conceptual S-BPM model and make them persistently available. The work thus represents a bridge solution for the existing developments and completes the digitization chain in this area of modelling.

Maximilian Silber