Institute of
Polymeric Materials and Testing
Institute of
Polymeric Materials and Testing

Co-Workers and Facilities:

The current scientific, technical and administrative staff of the IPMT amounts to about 30 employees, and the office and laboratory space to about 1.200 m².

Laboratory Equipment:

  • Two universal tension/compression test systems and three all-electric-dynamic test systems, equipped with temperature chambers
  • Instrumented impact and penetration test systems (the latter planned)
  • Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), differential thermal analysis (DTA) and simultaneous thermo-gravimetric analysis (STA)
  • Dynamic-mechanical analysis (DMA) incl. dilatometry und rheometry
  • Optical microscopes, 3D-laser-confocal microscope, FTIR and Raman microscopes
  • UV/VIS/NIR and FTIR spectrometer incl.Ulbricht spheres
  • Climate und temperature chambers
  • Various other test devices (MFR, HDT, Vicat, hardness, etc.)


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