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Institute of Software Systems Engineering
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Doing a doctorate in software and systems engineering is an exciting challenge. Software engineering is revolutionizing the world and research in software engineering is creating the right tools for software engineers to do their job right.

As part of doing your PhD, you will solve software engineering challenges. This generally means that you will read papers, develop algorithms, build software tools, evaluate them, and publish about them. It is important that you are excited about the topic, curious, motivated, and dedicated. It will likely decide your future career. We generally publish in the best and most relevant conferences and journals. This benefits the impact of your work. We want you to succeed and we want the scientific community to know about you and your work. Doing a doctorate is a commitment but it is also a reward. Looking at how doctorate students succeed in industry and academia shows that this pays off.


Dissertation Seminar

The doctorate program has very few curricular requirements. Doctorate students are expected to focus nearly exclusively on their research. This seminar gives doctoral students a platform for working towards their theses: to present their work and to meet throughout the semester. 

When: Continuous (Winter and Summer Semester)
Workload: 4,5 ECTS
Hours per week: 3
Language: English