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European Citizen Science Conference in Vienna

On SAT April, 6, 2024, the LIT Robopsychology Lab is presented with "A Song all about AI" at the Citizen Science Day at the Natural History Museum Vienna

zwei auffallend rote Sprechblasen mit dem Titel des Songs auf deutsch und englisch, dazu eine grafische Gestaltung mti vernetzten Noten

In a participatory project, we worked with citizen scientists, artists and AI experts to gather pressing questions about artificial intelligence and creatively prepare answers to them in order to contribute to general AI literacy.

The result is a song, "A Song All About AI", in cooperation with the singer-songwriter Blonder Engel. You can hear this song, including the music video, at our booth! We have prepared the lyrics in Upper Austrian dialect, English and High German.

And then it's your turn: Do you like the song? What are your further questions about AI in your everyday life? What do you think everyone should know about AI? What can you do better than AI? Can you sing the song in other languages? Come up with your own verse?

Tell us, write us, sing us your opinion so that the song becomes as manifold as possible!

The idea behind it: No matter how hard you try and how successful the participatory process is, there are always some tradeoffs in projects: There is never sufficient space for all questions and topics. It is never possible to implement all ideas. The result is never accessible and understandable for all. "A Song all about AI” was written as a song in the Upper Austrian dialect to reach a completely different target group than that of English-language specialist publications on AI. But what about people who do not understand the Austrian dialect? Or who cannot listen to music at all due to an impairment? Or who the chosen style does not appeal to?That's why we are continuing our research at our stand: all visitors are invited to contribute their observations, thoughts and ideas, written or spoken, to enrich the song and make it more diverse as a promotion of AI competence.

Illustration von vier PErsonen, die singen. über ihnen schweben Noten die sich zu einem Netz formieren und die Buchstaben "AI" ©LIT Robopsychology Lab
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