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LIT Robopsychology Lab
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HRI 2021

The LIT Robopsychology Lab is represented with several contributions at the "ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction" this week.


In several sessions, results of our research projects on Human-Robot Interaction (HRI), Virtual Reality (VR) and Exoskeletons will be presented:

Sandra Maria Siedl gives a Late Breaking Report Exoskeletons in Retail: The Role of Comfort, Strain Relief and Task-Technology-Fit in Post-Trial Usage Intentions of Supermarket Workers (Sandra Maria Siedl, Matthias Wolf, Martina Mara).

Martina Mara speaks at VAM-HRI (International Workshop on Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed-Reality for Human-Robot Interactions) on CoBot Studio VR: A Virtual Reality Game Environment for Transdisciplinary Research on Interpretability and Trust in Human-Robot Collaboration (Martina Mara, Kathrin Meyer, Michael Heiml, Horst Pichler, Roland Haring, Brigitte Krenn, Stephanie Gross, Bernhard Reiterer, & Thomas Layer-Wagner).

Two further papers with project results from CoBot Studio will be presented in the workshop Exploring Applications for Autonomous Non-Verbal Human-Robot Interactions (nHRI)A Proxemics Game Between Festival Visitors and an Industrial Robot (Brigitte Krenn, Stephanie Gross, Bernhard Dieber, Horst Pichler, & Kathrin Meyer) und It’s your turn! - A Collaborative Human-Robot Pick-and-Place Scenario in a Virtual Industrial Setting (Brigitte Krenn, Tim Reinboth, Stephanie Gross, Christine Busch, Martina Mara, Kathrin Meyer, Michael Heiml, & Thomas Layer-Wagner).