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CoBot Studio research games.

Three "research games" were developed as part of the project: simulation environments in which communication processes in the collaboration between humans and robots can be explored in a controlled setting.

Based on the initial elicitation of industry-relevant requirements, three collaborative games - two virtual reality environments and one mixed reality environment - were created and used for human-robot teamwork studies with a total of nearly 250 participants. 

Special thanks to all the people who participated in the studies and thus made a valuable contribution to this research initiative!

Game 1: Evaluation of modalities of robot communication in a virtual reality game

A rubber duck factory as a simulation environment for human-robot collaboration.

Research game 1 consists of a sequence of small playful tasks, which are performed by the players in a predefined selection and number of repetitions. The background for the three game tasks is a fictitious factory in which rubber ducks are produced, packed and shipped. The survey for game 1 was conducted from September - November 2020 at the LIT Open Innovation Center at JKU. 122 people participated.


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Game 2: The effect of virtual reality tutorials

Dynamic interaction and communication between human and mobile industrial robot.

The framing story for research game 2 and research game 3 is a fictional setting around an underwater research laboratory where a novel process for cleaning the oceans of plastic waste is being tested. Submarines collect plastic from the polluted ocean. The player is located on the maintenance and refueling platform for such a submarine. The task in collaboration with the robot is to produce fuel from algae and to tank a submarine with it. The survey for game 2 was conducted in July 2021 with 42 participants at the LIT Open Innovation Center at JKU.

Game 3: Robot-human collaboration in mixed reality

Game environment and tasks of research game 2 ported to a mixed reality with physical robot.

The game 3 experiment with the physically present robot CHIMERA was conducted in April and June 2022 in the Ars Electronica Center's Deep Space. 61 persons participated.