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Again a Key Exchange

Cornelia Strasser transfers administrative responsibilities for the institute to her successor Petra Schiefermüller.

Key Exchange Cornelia to Petra

Being the articulation point between the so-called real world and the world in which the mathematicians live, the secretary's office plays an important role for the functioning of our institute. For only about one year, we were very happy to have Cornelia Strasser in this important position. She has resolved all the matters that arose with competence, efficiency, and professionalism. We are grateful for her dedicated service during her time at the institute and we wish her all the best for her new job in another part of JKU.

At the same time, we welcome Petra Schiefermüller to the institute, who will take over Conny's job as institute secretary, and we are looking forward to working with her. The picture shows how Conny hands over a symbolic key of the secretary's office to Petra.