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Jakob Moosbauer completed his Ph.D. studies

Jakob Mossbauer defended

We are pleased to announce that our colleague Jakob Moosbauer has successfully defended his Ph.D. studies today. His thesis was written under the supervision of Manuel Kauers, and he was financially supported by the LIT AI Lab. As a member of this lab, Jakob developed new methods to search for better algorithms for multiplying matrices. Using the concept of flip graphs introduced in his thesis, he was able to set a new record for 5x5 matrices as well as some rectangular matrix formats. The thesis has resulted in several publications at high-rank venues in the area of computer algebra, including one ISSAC paper in 2023 which received the ACM Sigsam distinguished paper award. Jakob will soon move to the university of Warwick, where he will continue to work on matrix multiplication as a PostDoc in the group of Christian Ikenmeyer. We congratulate Jakob on his achievements and wish him all the best for his future.