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Bernardo Rossi completed his Ph.D. studies

On March 21st, 2024, Bernardo Rossi successfully defended his PhD-thesis "Universal Algebraic Geometry and Polynomial Interpolation".

Bernardo Rossi PhD

In his thesis, Rossi found new ways to interpolate functions by  polynomials and applied his results in Universal Algebraic Geometry, which studies solutions of systems of equations on general algebraic structures. He constructed uncountably many different algebraic geometries on finite sets and described for which algebras the union of two algebraic sets is algebraic.

Having obtained his Master's degree from the University of Siena under the supervision of Paolo Aglianó, Rossi had joined the Institute for Algebra in 2020 in order to work in the FWF-project "Equations in Universal Algebra" under the supervision of Erhard Aichinger and collaborating closely with Mike Behrisch (JKU and TU Wien). His research has led to joint publications in "Algebra Universalis", "Aequationes Mathematicae" and the International Symposium on Multiple-Valued Logic.

Presently, Rossi holds a PostDoc-position at Charles University, Prague.

We wish him all the best for his future!