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Clemens Hofstadler completed his Ph.D. studies

Clemens Hofstadler

We are pleased to announce that Clemens Hofstadler has successfully defended his Ph.D. studies today. His thesis was written under the joint supervision of Prof. Georg Regensburger and Dr. Clemens Raab. It was started when Georg was still a member of the Institute for Algebra. When he moved to Kassel, Clemens moved with him. The work was sponsored by Regensburger's FWF grant "Symbolic Computation for Identities of Operators". In his thesis, Clemens extends and generalizes modern algorithms for computing Gröbner bases to a non-commutative setting. He applies such general Gröbner bases in order to obtain concrete proofs of abstract operator identities.
Clemens will soon return from Kassel to Linz and join the Institute for Symbolic Artificial Intelligence led by Prof. Seidl. We congratulate Clemens on his achievements and wish him all the best for his future.