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About Us

Institute for Application-Oriented Knowledge Processing (FAW)

Our team possesses extensive, broad and successful experience in teaching, research, collaborative partnerships, and independent university administration.

Our faculty consists of four professors. In alphabetical order, these are: Univ. Prof. Dr. Johannes Fürnkranz, a.Univ. Prof. Dr. Josef Küng, a.Univ. Prof. Dr. Birgit Pröll, a.Univ. Prof. Dr. Wolfram Wöß. Each faculty member holds several courses durng the academic year, supervises Bachelor's/Master's theses and PhD dissertations, are active as part of several JKU committees (curriculum committees, faculty boards, Senate), and heads a research group.

Depending on our active research studies, a group of academics and scholars at each level (undergraduate, graduate, post-doc) are a part of these studies, producing research findings in several forms (studies, prototypes, academic/scientific publications, etc.).

Two team members support administration and technical support at the institute.

Click here for a current list of FAW's team members.