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JKU Researcher Presented with a Venia Legendi/Habilitation Certificate

Vice-Rector Christiane Tusek presented Martina Kofler-Schlögl with her venia legendi/habilitation certificate.

F.l.: Martina Kofler-Schlög. Christiane Tusek
F.l.: Martina Kofler-Schlög. Christiane Tusek

Kofler-Schlögl conducts research at the Department of Public Business Law at the Johannes Kepler University Linz. Her post-doctoral dissertation titled "Die Kundmachung von Bundesgesetzen - Fehler und Fehlerfolgen" sheds new light on well-known issues against a backdrop of the current legal environment, but also addresses new challenges resulting from the context of union law and the technological development as part of the promulgation process in particular.

Those pursuing a habilitation/post-doc undergo an academic evaluation in regard to special qualifications that proves their ability to independently conduct academic/scientific research and teach the entire depth and breadth of their selected subject area [facultas docendi], This, in turn, is the prerequisite to grant authorization to teach that particular subject area [venia legendi].

About Martina Kofler-Schlög

Martina Kofler-Schlög has worked at the Johannes Kepler University Linz since 2004 in several different positions (broken up by three periods of maternity leave and a research semester at the University of Florida/USA).

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