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Treasure hunt with all senses at Science Holidays 2023

To find the JKU treasure, all senses were needed in this workshop.

Group picture of the participating children in front of the science park with the found treasure

Also this year, between 17 July and 11 August, the fourth edition of the Science Holidays took place at JKU.

The institute members Monika Scheuchenegger, Stefan Angerbauer and Werner Haselmayr offered also this year a workshop for 6- to 7-year-old kids entitled "treasure hunt with all senses". At different stations the young researchers had to decode secret messages that brought them closer and closer to the hiding place of the JKU treasure. The secret messages were first perceived through touching, hearing, seeing and smelling and were then decoded. In the end, the children needed the sense of taste for tasting the treasure.

The young researchers thus learned in a playful way different methods for transmitting information as well as different ways to encode secrete messages. All the children participated with great enthusiasm and interest and all groups could successfully find the treasure.

Impressions from the Science Holidays