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Institute for Communications Engineering and RF-Systems
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Millimeter-Wave and THz Component Design

Our group designs circuits and systems based on Advanced SiGe HBT Processes from Infineon Technologies and IHP Microelectronics. Besides, active research is being done on mmW antenna-on-chip and antenna-in-package designs. The group has been and is currently a part of major EU based research projects such as the DotFive and DotSeven, which aim to develop and demonstrate HBTs with maximum oscillation frequency of up to 700 GHz. In addition the group collaborates closely with DICE to develop 77 GHz automotive radars.

Some of the circuits and systems developed by the group are:

E-band power amplifiers (81-86 GHz)demonstrating gain, 3-dB bandwidth and output power of up to 32 dB, 23 GHz and 19.2 dBm, respectively.

From left to right: E-Band High Gain PA, E-Band PA with 325-GHz GBW product, and E-Band PA with 19.2 dBm output power D-Band High Output Power VCO D-Band PA with 400 GHz GBW