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DI Dr. Hans-Peter Bernhard

Picture of Hans-Peter Bernhard
Senior Researcher

Curriculum Vitae


Principal Scientist & Head of Research Unit Wireless Communications
Silicon Austria Labs

Senior Researcher Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria

Owner: Scientific Consulting Company Hans-Peter Bernhard, St. Valentin, AUSTRIA

Lecturer at the Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria

Teacher at HTBLA Steyr (part time)

Consultant for hard and software of Lebenshilfe NÖ, Donation administration and strategy planning

Lecturer at the University for Applied Science Hagenberg, Hardware and Software Co-design

Guest researcher at the University of Cambridge UK, Engineering Department, Inst. f. Vision Speech and Robotics

Guest researcher at the Institute for Information Theory and Automation, Academy of Sciences Prague, Czech Republic

Lecturer at the University for Applied Science Hagenberg, Media Engineering and Design

Scientific project manager of the FFG Project: Information Theoretic Methods in Time Series Analysis

Donation administration "Licht ins Dunkel NÖ"

Assistant Professor at the Institute for Communications and Radio Frequency Engineering, Technical University Vienna

Research Assistant at the Institute for Communications and Radio Frequency Engineering, Technical University Vienna FWF-Project P8997-TEC.

Projects for handicapped persons specialised to office automation (Patent No.: 399407)

Student researcher, Institute for Theoretical Electrical Engineering, Dep. Bio-Electronics of the Technical University Vienna, (quality monitoring of meat)

Freelancer for hard and software projects main contractor Softwaretechnik GmbH. Linz, Austria


Dr. techn. Degree of Technical University Vienna with distinction on 1997-12-18

Technical University Vienna, PhD studies at the Institut for Communications and Radio Frequency Engineering

Diploma thesis: Speech Analysis Using Chaos Theoretical Methods (German: "Analyse von Sprachsignalen mit Methoden der Chaostheorie")
Final exams, Sponsion on 1991-3-21

Technical University Vienna, studies of electrical engineering focussed on communications engineering

Technical high school, HTBLA-Steyr
Vocational training in communications and electronic engineering
Final exams (Reifeprüfung) 1985-6-28


Best Presentation Award at the International Conference for Factory Communication Systems WFCS 2020 for WIP presentation: RSSI-Based Presence Detection in Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks. April 2020

Best Austrian education project in health care; Austrian representative at International Science Week for Students sponsored by Novartis Switzerland.

IW2000 Award of the Upper Austrian county government for the Visual Voice Project (Speech training tool for deaf and hearing impaired persons)

Best Presentation Award at International ICSC/IFAC Symposium on Neural Computation NC'98, 1998 September

GIT-Award of the ÖVE (Austrian Association for Electrical Engineering and Association for Information Engineering) on 1991-10-20