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Institute for Microelectronics and Microsensors
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Team IME.

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Head of Institute

Name Room Extension E-Mail

Bernhard Jakoby

Univ.- Prof. Dr.

MT 370 6251 bernhard.jakoby@jku.at

Consultation Hour
Prof. Jakoby

By arrangement with the administration

Vice-Head of Institute

Name Room Extension E-Mail

Christian Diskus

a. Univ.- Prof. Dr.

MT 365 6258 christian.diskus@jku.at

General Staff


Name Room Extension E-Mail
Simone Wahl MT 369 6250


Service Hours

Mon-Thu: 8-12, 13-15
Fri: 8-12


Name Room Extension E-Mail

Bernhard Mayrhofer

Dipl.- Ing. (FH)

MT 376 6265 bernhard.mayrhofer@jku.at
Name Room Extension E-Mail
Martin Schild MT 376 6264 or 5817 martin.schild@jku.at

Scientific Staff

Associate Professor

Name Room Extension E-Mail

Wolfgang Hilber

Assoc.- Prof. Dr.

MT 366 6259 wolfgang.hilber@jku.at

University Assistants

Name Room Extension E-Mail

Rafael Ecker

Dipl. Ing.

MT 361 6257 rafael.ecker@jku.at
Name Room Extension E-Mail

Tina Mitteramskogler


MT 361 6255 tina.mitteramskogler@jku.at


Name Room Extension E-Mail

Alexander Niedermayer


MT 359 6256 alexander.niedermayer@jku.at
Name Room Extension E-Mail

Gerald Pühringer

Dr. MSc.

MT 372 6273 gerald.puehringer@jku.at
Name Room Extension E-Mail

Thomas Voglhuber-Brunnmaier


MT 375-1 6267 thomas.voglhuber-brunnmaier@jku.at
Name Room Extension E-Mail

Andreas Fuchsluger

Mag. Dipl.- Ing.

MT 375-1 6277 andreas.fuchsluger@jku.at
Name Room Extension E-Mail

Kristof Harsanyi

MT 375 6271 kristof.harsanyi@jku.at
Name Room Extension E-Mail

Sebastian Lang


MT 359 6262 sebastian.lang@jku.at
Name Room Extension E-Mail

Lisa Rachbauer


MT 375 6263 lisa.rachbauer@jku.at

Former Staff

Reyhaneh Jannesari, Herbert Enser, Nikolaus Doppelhammer, Friedrich Feichtinger, Martin Haberl, Parviz Saeidi, Andreas Tröls, Erwin Reichel, Alexander Göpperl, Stefan Clara, Thomas Wiener, Marcus Hintermüller, Martin Meindlhumer, Marcel Knoll, Christina Offenzeller, Gottfried Gamsjäger, Pavel Kulha, Johannes Sell, Martin Heinisch, Ali Abdallah, Ventsislav Lavchiev, Johann Katzenmayer, Armin Hochreiner, Alexander Reisenzahn, Sebastian Hantscher, Frieder Lucklum, Johann Mayrwöger, Gerda Buchberger, Thomas Lederer, Ha Nguyen , Ruxandra Barb, Petr Bartu, Hartwig Thim