Featured Research Results.

N. Doppelhammer, N. Pellens, J. Martens, C. Kirschhock, B. Jakoby, E. Reichel

Moving Electrode Impedance Spectroscopy for Accurate Conductivity Measurements of Corrosive Ionic Media

B. Jakoby

An Alternative Path to Foster's Reactance Theorem and Its Relation to Narrow-Band Equivalent Circuits

M.A. Hintermüller, C. Offenzeller, M. Knoll, W. Hilber, B. Jakoby

Embedded, screen printed transducers in bulk polymer microfluidic devices

R. Jannesari, G. Pühringer, B. Jakoby, T. Grille

Design and Analysis of a Slot Photonic Crystal
Waveguide for Highly Sensitive Evanescent Field
Absorption Sensing in Fluids