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Institute of Biomedical Mechatronics
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Head of Institute

Name Room Phone E-Mail
Univ.-Prof. DI Dr. Werner Baumgartner P 111 4800 werner.baumgartner@jku.at


Name Room Phone E-Mail
Sylvia Lugmayr P 110 4801 sylvia.lugmayr@jku.at

Medical Technical Assistant

Name Room Phone E-Mail
Agnes Weth P 110 4805


University Assistants

Name Room Phone E-Mail
DI Dr. Christoph Hintermüller M.Sc. MBA P 109 4813 christoph.hintermueller@jku.at
DI Sebastian Lifka P 108 4815 sebastian.lifka@jku.at

Senior Lecturer

Name Room Phone E-Mail
Christoph Wolf M.Sc. P 109 4810 christoph.wolf@jku.at

Research Assistants

Name Room Phone E-Mail
DI Gerald Sindhuber P 121 4812 gerald.sindhuber@jku.at
DIin Dr.in Gerda Buchberger, B.Sc. P 218 4816 gerda.buchberger@jku.at

Student Employees in research

Name E-Mail
Jasmin Wurm, B.Sc. jasmin.wurm@jku.at
Erich Baumgartner erich.baumgartner@jku.at
Christoph Stecher, B.Sc. christoph.stecher@jku.at