Practical Courses

Soldering course (Lötkurs)

On Monday, Dec. 9th, 2019 a soldering course for all participants of the Practical Course Medical Engineering (starting Jan. 2020) will take place.

The course will be held in the middle hall of the Open Innovation Center (OIC) and will be led by Mr. Christoph Wolf, M.Sc.

Please bring your Medical Engineering Starter Kit!!

Biomimetics/Medical Technology

In the practical courses students have the chance to collaborate on current research projects in the field of biomimetics and medical technology.

The time schedule is planned individually. We offer you the possibility to attend the practical trainings during semester or summer holidays.

At the end of the semester you have to give a 10 minute presentation and submit a short documentation.

If you have any questions concerning our practical training please do not hesitate to contact us!