Organizational learning online - methodology and tool



This thesis deals with the theoretical specification and practical support of business process based organizational learning. For this purpose, organizational learning literature is evaluated and theories are linked in a conceptual way. The outcome of the literature analysis leads to a definition of a framework and procedure for organizational learning. Framework and procedure serve as input for the development of a methodology which provides methods for the implementation of the business process based organizational learning process. The business process orientation of the framework is the result of the important role of business processes which represent organizational knowledge. With the help of a language, which is developed in this thesis, these business processes can be modelled. Model based concepts for the design of interactive systems are the input for the development of the tool KnowIt!, which helps to implement business process oriented organizational learning steps according to the framework. Finally, pilot studies are executed to evaluate methodology and tool. The results of pilot studies indicate a successful test of KnowIt!.


Dr. Simone Heftberger