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Institute of Management Accounting
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Institute of Management Accounting


We are the IMA!

Deputy Head of the Institute

Name Room Extension E-Mail
Assoz.-Prof. Dr. Birgit Grüb-Martin HF 9904 3492 birgit.grueb-martin(at)jku.at


Academic Staff

Name Room Extension e-mail  
MMag. Dr. Judith Frei HF 005 3491 judith.frei(at)jku.at Senior Lecturer
Ass.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Albert Traxler HF 006 3493 albert.traxler(at)jku.at Tenure Track
Dr. Shekerta Aliu HF 003 3494 shekerta.aliu(at)jku.at University Assistant with PhD
Mag. Philumena Bauer HF 003 3496 philumena.bauer(at)jku.at University Assistant with Diploma


Administrative Assistant

Name Room Extension E-Mail
Christian Ransmayr-Winter HF 002 3499




Name   e-Mail
Mag. Dr. Melanie Lubinger Research Gate, opens an external URL in a new window melanie.lubinger@jku.at
Lisa Fuchs, MSc   lisa.fuchs@jku.at
Prof. Dr. Othmar Lehner   othmar.lehner@jku.at
MMag. Dr. Susanne Leitner-Hanetseder   susanne.leitner-hanteseder@jku.at
Mag. Dr. Johannes Slacik, LSB i.A.   johannes.slacik@jku.at


Research/Student Assistants

Name Room Area

Anna Sophie Niederer

HF 002

Cost Accounting; Tutorial in Cost Accounting

Christian Ransmayr-Winter, BSc

HF 002

Operational and Strategic Cost Management; Tutorial in Cost Management and Budgeting

Daniel Helperstorfer

HF 002

Cost Accounting

Jessica Stadler

HF 002

Cost Accounting

Johannes Elsner, BSc

HF 002

Managerial Accounting; Cost Accounting

Julia Riepl, B.A.

HF 002

Cost Management and Budgeting

Lisa-Marie Hardegger

HF 002

Cost Accounting

Nathalie Vajda

HF 002

Cost Accounting

Thomas Mairwieser, BSc

HF 002

Cost Management and Budgeting

Project Staff

External PhD Students

Name Project
Mag. Selina Baier Employee participation models in Austria
Jeremias Jobst, MA MSc (WU)

Social housing and energy efficiency in urban areas of the GSA-Region

Finn-Leon Brinkmann

Transformation of non-profit organisations for the provision of social services for persons with disabilities due to legal changes