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Project description

The KIRAS project INFRASPEC is researching new methods to inspect critical infrastructure with the help of robots by subjecting them to a 3D scan.


On the one hand, this is used for automated evaluation and visualization for the operating personnel, on the other hand, it enables a comparison with previous checks. In addition to manipulations, damage to the building structure, leaks, both removed (e.g. safety elements such as fire extinguishers) and added (e.g. forgotten tool boxes, but also potential explosive devices) should be automatically recognized and highlighted in the display.

This supports and relieves security personnel in the prescribed, regular checks.


It also includes the remote-controlled detailed examination using a robotic arm with additional sensors, e.g. on the back of pipes or in the case of unexpected objects, as well as the measurement of any hazardous substances (gas/liquid leaks from pipes, CO2 concentration, etc.).