Graduates MSc MPT.

Master of Science (MSc) degrees in "Management in Polymer Technologies (MPT)"


DI Bernhard POHN, BSc:
"Effect of stabilizer systems on the fatigue crack growth resistance of glass fiber reinforced polyamide"

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DI Gerardo Sebastian DE LEON SALAZAR, BSc:
"Effect of processing conditions on properties of electrical steel-polymer laminates"

Picture ©DI Hector Rolando Mendez Rossal, Chem. Eng.


"Hot Water Ageing of PA Hot Melt Adhesives"

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"Hyphenated analysis of high performance plastic compounds"

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Date Name Title of Thesis
02.05.2018 DI Josef ALTMANN, BSc "Einfluß des Mischverhältnisses auf die Eigenschaften von schlagzähmodifiziertem Polypropylen"
02.05.2018 DDI Dr.techn. Patrick BRADLER, BSc "Shear creep behavior of polymer-based injection mortar systems"
15.11.2017 DI Mohamad Hassan AKHRAS "Fatigue crack growth resistance of polypropylene and glass fiber reinforced polyamides in chlorinated water with varying clorine content"
15.11.2017 DI Hector Rolando MENDEZ ROSSAL, Chem. Eng. "Conductive inks on primer coated surfaces - structure/property correlations"
16.08.2017 DI Christoph GROß, B.Eng. "Entwicklung eines Schnelltests zur Charakterisierung der Photoaktivität von TiO2 beschichteten Perlglanzpigmenten in Kunststoffanwendungen"
27.04.2017 DI Hirantha Gunathillake HETTIARACHCHIGE DON, BSc "Characterization of COC-films for Content Loading Chips"
18.08.2016 DI Muzaffer Enis ALTINTAS, B.Eng. "Strategic Market Assessment for Polyaryletherketone Based Polymers in Future Electric and Hybrid Cars"
18.08.2016 DI Thomas SCHÖLZEL, B.Eng. "Competitive Analysis of Rohacell Triple F as to Economic and Technical Optimization Potentials"
15.12.2015 DI Veronika Maria BERGER, BSc "Spektroskopische und mikrospektroskopische Analyse von Einkapselungsfolien für Photovoltaik-Module"
16.12.2014 DI Florian REITER, BSc "Charakterisierung neuartiger Materialien für die Skischuhindustrie"
30.09.2014 DI (FH) Christoph RAUE, MSc "Charakterisierung mechanischer Eigenschaften von kurzglasfaserverstärkten Polypropylen im Zugversuch"
02.07.2014 DI Winoj BALASOORIYA ARACHCHIGE, BSc "Characterization of damage evolution of short glass fiber reinforced Polypropylene"