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Institute of Polymeric Materials and Testing
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Graduates PhD.

Doctorate (Dr) degrees in "Technical Sciences - Polymer Technology"


DI Dr.techn. Mohamad Hassan AKHRAS:
"Investigation of consistency and quality enhancement for mechanically recycled polyolefins"

Prof. Pinter, Prof. Fischer, Dr. Akhras, Prof. Steinbichler, Prof. Paulik (LTR) ©IPMT


DI Dr.techn. Ines TRAXLER, BSc:
"Evaluation of Recyclate Properties and Strategies to Overcome Obstacles in Polypropylene Processing"

Prof. Mantell, Prof. Fischer, Dr. Traxler, Prof. Lang, Prof. Steinbichler (LTR) ©Traxler I.


DI Dr.techn. Gabriel RIEDL, BSc:
"Advanced polymeric hybrid laminates for sustainable energy technologies - Development of environmental fatique test methods and assessment of interfacial durability"


Prof. Wallner, Prof. Lang, Dr. Riedl, Prof. Mantell, Prof. Schagerl (LTR) ©Lang R. W.


DI Dr.techn. Paul Johann FREUDENTHALER, BSc:
"Development of Application-Specific Polyolefin Recyclate Compounds for Packaging and Pipe Applications"


Prof. Pinter, Prof. Fischer, Dr. Freudenthaler, Prof. Lang, Prof. Steinbichler (LTR) ©IPMT


DI Dr.techn. Hector Rolando MENDEZ ROSSAL:
"Storage Stability and Ageing Behavior of Epoxy-based Coatings for Electrical Steel Stacks"


Prof. Steinbichler, Prof. Fischer, Dr. Mendez Rossal, Prof. Wallner, Prof. Paulik (LTR) ©IPMT


DI Dr.techn. Markus GALL, BSc:
"Mechanical Recycling of Polyolefins in the Context of Sustainable Development"


Prof. Fischer, Prof. Lang, Prof. Steinbichler, Prof. Ragaert (LTR) ©IPMT


DI Dr.techn. Gerhard BRÄUER, BSc:
"Prozesstechnische und werkstoffliche Einflüsse auf die Interfilament-Bindung im Fused Filament Fabrication Verfahren"


Prof. Wallner, Prof. Lang, Dr. Bräuer, Prof. Major, Prof. Steinbichler (LTR) ©IPMT


DI Dr.techn. Robert PUGSTALLER, BSc:
"Global and local ageing of electrical steel laminates"


Prof. Schagerl, Prof. Wallner, Dr. Pugstaller, Prof. Fischer, Prof. Steinbichler (LTR) ©IPMT


DI Dr.techn. Laura HADER-KREGL, BSc:
"Polymer Physical Characterization of Matrix Materials, Laminates and Steel/Composite Hybrids"


Prof. Paulik, Prof. Schagerl, Dr. Hader-Kregl, Prof. Wallner, Prof. Lang (LTR) ©IPMT


DDI Dr.techn. Patrick BRADLER, BSc:
"Failure behavior of short glass fiber reinforced polyamide under superimposed mechanical-environmental fatique"


Prof. Wallner, Prof. Major, Dr. Bradler, Prof. Lang, Prof. Steinbichler (LTR) ©IPMT
Date Name Title of Thesis
12.03.2018 DI Dr.techn. Michael GRABMANN, BSc "Global aging behavior and lifetime assessment of polymeric materials for solar-thermal systems"
19.10.2017 DI Dr.techn. Johannes RIEGLER "Herstellung und technologische Charakterisierung von Composite-Stahlblech-Hybridplatinen"
13.10.2016 Dipl.-Hyd. Dr.techn. Philip HÜLSMANN "Characterization and simulation of water vapor ingress into PV-modules"
18.12.2015 DI Dr.techn. Klaus Jakob GERETSCHLÄGER "Characterization of pigmented and reinforced polymeric materials for solar energy technologies"
27.03.2015 DI Dr.techn. Andreas BRANDSTÄTTER "Entwicklung und Charakterisierung neuartiger Kunststoffhalbzeuge für die Photovoltaik und die Solarthermie"
04.12.2014 DI Dr.techn. Paul Franz SCHÖFFL "Influence of Liquid Hydrocarbon Environments on High Density Polyethylene for Oil and Gas Applications"
03.12.2014 DI Dr.techn. Klemens GRABMAYER, BSc "Polyolefin-based Lining Materials for Hot Water Heat Storages"
03.12.2014 DI Dr.techn. Anna Maria HARTL, BSc "Mechanical Behavior of Short Glass Fiber Reinforced and Particle Modified Polypropylene"
25.09.2014 DI Dr.techn. Markus POVACZ, MLBT "Black-pigmented polypropylene absorber materials - Aging behavior and lifetime modelling"