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Our Office Hours

  Semester Holiday Period
Monday-Thursday 9.00 AM - 4.00 PM 9.00 AM - 12.00 PM
Friday 9.00 AM - 12.00 PM 9.00 AM - 12.00 PM 


Afternoon hours may change on account of company meetings or events.


JKU Alumni Team

JKU Alumni Club Team

Head of JKU Alumni

Name Position Extension E-Mail Address
Mag. Florian Mayer Head of JKU Alumni 5134 florian.mayer(at)jku.at



Name Position Extension E-Mail Address
Sabine Luckeneder Head of Office Management 5133 sabine.luckeneder(at)jku.at
Dusanka Radman Office Management 5131 dusanka.radman(at)jku.at
Julia Spielberger Apprentice 5132 julia.spielberger(at)jku.at
Lena Reichard Apprentice 5141 lena.reichard(at)jku.at
Mag. Maria Silwanis, MA Head of Project Management 5136 maria.silwanis(at)jku.at
Mag. Marlene Lummerstorfer Public Relations & Eventmanagement 5137 marlene.lummerstorfer(at)jku.at
Dipl.-Kff. Miriam Starzer Head of JKU Career Day 5135 miriam.starzer(at)jku.at
Mag. Alexandra Slezak, BA Head of Project Management 5140 alexandra.slezak(at)jku.at
Rita Pollak (on leave) Head of JKU Career Day - -


Photo credit: 

Florian Mayer, Sabine Luckeneder, Maria Silwanis, Alexandra Slezak, Dusanka Radman, Julia Spielberger, Marlene Lummerstorfer, Miriam Starzer, Lena Reichard: Photo credit: JKU Alumni

Rita Pollak: Photo credit: Ulli Engleder