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Report 'Gathering evidence on the working conditions of platform workers’

'Gathering evidence on the working conditions of platform workers’, with reference number VT/2018/0741, which is commissioned by DG EMPL and implemented by the Consortium composed of CEPS, EFTHEIA and HIVA.

CEPS, EFTHEIA and HIVA KU Leuven will implement the 'Study to gather evidence on the working conditions of platform workers' for the EC DG EMPL. This nine month project will include a comprehensive gathering and review of existing information and evidence as well as specific field work and consultations, in order to provide a structured mapping of possible working conditions and social protection challenges that arise from the specific features that characterize platform workers. The study will also classify information as regards the latest policy and legislative/regulatory or legal developments in the EU and Iceland and Norway, which directly or indirectly aim at addressing the employment conditions and social protection of platform workers.

Finally, a legal analysis of a selected number of EU pieces or areas of legislation (and case-law) to reflect on their relevance and application in the specific case of platform workers will also be undertaken. The combined analysis of EU and national developments and policy frameworks regarding platform work should assist in identifying challenges that would potentially call for EU action.