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Research insights at the JKU Alumni Club's New Year's reception

The Robopsychology Lab presented "A Song, all about AI" and the participatory process behind it to around 200 JKU alumni.

The JKU Alumni Club's annual New Year's reception is not just about networking and socializing, but also about giving alumni an insight into research activities at the JKU. This year, the research presentations were dedicated to creative approaches to the topic of artificial intelligence: Kathrin Meyer presented the project "How to explain AI", in which a song was created in collaboration with 20 people from Linz and the surrounding area and the singer-songwriter Blonder Engel, which creatively encourages a broad audience of all ages to engage with artificial intelligence. 

In addition to the song by the LIT Robopsychology Lab, an excerpt from the puppet theater "K.I. - Kasperl Interveniert" by the Circus of Knowledge was also shown.

  • A Song, all about AI Watch the video, listen to the song, read the lyrics, download the sheet music

    listen to the song
  • How to explain AI Learn more about the participative project

    learn more
  • Article about the evening JKU press release

    JKU News
  • A.I. – Kasperl Intervenes. A puppet show by and featuring Andreas Pfaffenberger

    The Circus of Knowledge
  • JKU Alumni organisators of the event

    JKU Alumni