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Center for Business Languages and Intercultural Communication
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Reimbursement of fees

for the fee-based language courses (except fees for the courses of the German preparation program)

The course fees are reimbursed under the following conditions:

  • The language course has been completed successfully,
  • The student is registered in a JKU degree program, and
  • The student is "prüfungsaktiv", i.e. has successfully completed courses amounting to 16 ECTS in the academic year that they pass the language course. Courses not foreseen in the curriculum cannot be counted towards these 16 credits.

If you are actively enrolled and would like to apply for reimbursement of the fees, please do so with the following link:


Reimbursments are made via the Department of Teaching and Studies Organization (LSO). Should you have any queststion, thus, please contact lso(at)jku.at.


The fees can also be refunded after a subsequent semester/year/internship abroad. In such cases, application for course fee reimbursement is included in the application for a scholarship.