Actively Taking Examinations.

What Does it Mean to Actively Take Examinations?

Bachelor's, Master's or Diploma degree programs are considered to be "prüfungsaktive" programs (including examinations) if at least 16 ECTS credits or passing grades amounting to at least eight semester hours have been completed during the same academic year in that major. Each major is taken individually into account. You cannnot "add together" grades and examinations from different majors.

You can find the corresponding regulations in §4 of the Higher Education Area-Structural Fund Regulations.

Why is Examination Activity Important?

The Higher Education Area Structural Funds are an integral part of the way the university is funded. 60% of these funds are based on majors in which students are required to actively pass examinations. The more of these kinds of degree programs the JKU has, the more funds the university receives for education and research as well as to improvie academic student supervision and administration. A high level of examination activity is therefore in the interest of all students.

What Can I Do?

There are many reasons for someone to be (temporarily) inactive when it comes to taking examinations (job responsibilities, family reasons, a stay abroad, etc.).

If you find you cannot actively pursue an academic degree at a certain time period, you can apply to take an official two-semester leave of absence. Click on to learn more about taking a leave of absence.

If you are enrolled in one or more majors that you do not intend to complete, we would ask you to drop that major. You can drop a major by sending an information e-mail to the Admissions Office.

Please note: In regards to discontinuing majors (such as the Diploma degree program in "Wirtschaftswissenschaften" for example), you can no longer be re-admitted to studies. In this case, we recommend applying for a leave of absence.