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Assoc. Univ.-Prof.
Dr. Ian Teasdale PhD


Research interests

My main field of interest is using synthetic chemistry to prepare novel macromolecular materials, with a particular focus on the unique properties from incorporating inorganic moieties (P, Si, B, and transition metals) in macromolecules. While even nature makes use of inorganic polymers, for example, DNA phosphorus backbone, the possibilities of inorganic polymers remain to be fully exploited in the world of synthetic polymeric materials. While our focus is on fundamentally novel synthetic materials, with applications ranging from degradable drug carriers and nanomotors through to photolithography, we are also conducting a number of industrially funded research projects into high performance materials. Parallel to this I am cofounder and CSO of a multi prize winning spin-out company NP Life Science Technologies, öffnet eine externe URL in einem neuen Fenster for the commercialization of degradable polyphosphazenes, which licenses patented materials developed in our research laboratory.