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Intelligent Transport Systems
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EU Grant, Erasmus Mundus Design Measures

The integration of new information and communication technologies, in connection with Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), are crucial to working towards sustainable transportation to combating climate change. In line with the European Commission's action plan for the deployment of ITS in Europe, the proposed four-semester Joint Master Connected and Automated Sustainable Transport Systems and Mobility (CASTSM) aims to build talent worldwide through institutional academic cooperation and promotion of individual mobility to respond to the demand of industry for excellently trained experts in the digitalization and future automation of vehicles as part of the ongoing technological revolution.

Project Coordinator

Univ. Prof. Dr. Cristina Olaverri-Monreal

President IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society

The CASTSM project

has been selected as project of the month by the Federal Ministry Republic of Austria Education, Science and Research.

It will contribute to the sustainable mobility policy area and climate change domain within the European Green Deal priority, öffnet eine externe URL in einem neuen Fenster of the European Commission. To this end, common mechanisms will be developed relying on programs of the higher education systems of the Johannes Kepler University in Linz, öffnet eine externe URL in einem neuen Fenster and University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien, öffnet eine externe URL in einem neuen Fenster in Vienna, Austria; MINES ParisTech University, öffnet eine externe URL in einem neuen Fenster in Paris, France; Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, öffnet eine externe URL in einem neuen Fenster, Spain and the University of California-Riverside, öffnet eine externe URL in einem neuen Fenster, USA. This will be achieved by extending and adapting existing curricula and by creating new courses and teaching practices to respond to current trends in mobility and transport, strengthening this critical area of knowledge and increasing thus the overall competitiveness and quality of Europe as a location for innovation.

SummerSchool Internship scheme

A unique learning experience in a dynamic, inclusive environment will result from the strong links of the participant universities with the industry and main sectorial associations. It will facilitate the knowledge transfer, deployment and uptake of the master achievements and professionals. The CASTSM will provide knowledge for developing high-quality jobs, and pursuing global leadership in Europe's move towards zero-emission mobility.

Partner University Technikum Wien , öffnet eine externe URL

University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien in Vienna, Austria

Partner University Mines ParisTech Logo , öffnet eine externe URL

MINES ParisTech University in Paris, France

Partner University Logo of Universidad Politecnica de Madrid , öffnet eine externe URL

 Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain

Partner University UC Riverside , öffnet eine externe URL

 University of California-Riverside, USA

in collaboration with erasmus + logo , öffnet eine externe URL

Erasmus Plus

In collaboration with

European Green Deal

Striving to be the first climate-neutral continent.
Priority: 1 - A European Green Deal
Domain: D-1-1 - Climate change
Policy area: P-1-8 - Sustainable mobility