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10 papers accepted at the same time

Staff of the CD Lab VaSiCS is celebrating the acceptance of 10 papers at 2 conferences. Mitarbeiter*innen des CD Labor VaSiCS dürfen aktuell große Publikationserfolge feiern. 9 (of 9 submitted) full papers accepted at ETFA (https://2023.ieee-etfa.org/, opens an external URL in a new window) + 1 (of 2 submitted) at SPLC  (https://2023.splc.net/, opens an external URL in a new window). We are very proud of our team!

(ETFA 1/9) Shubham Sharma, Hafiyyan Sayyid Fadhlillah, Antonio Manuel Gutierrez, Rick Rabiser, Alois Zoitl: Modular Control Software Design to Support Mechatronic Variants in IEC 61499

(ETFA 2/9) Hafiyyan Sayyid Fadhlillah, Shubham Sharma, Antonio Manuel Gutierrez, Rick Rabiser, Alois Zoitl: Delta Modeling in IEC 61499: Expressing Control Software Variability in Cyber-Physical Production Systems

(ETFA 3/9) Sandra Greiner, Bianca Wiesmayr, Kevin Feichtinger, Kristof Meixner, Marco Konersmann, Jerôme Pfeiffer, Michael Oberlehner, David Schmalzing, Andreas Wortmann, Bernhard Rumpe, Rick Rabiser, Alois Zoitl: Maturity Evaluation of Domain-Specific Language Ecosystems for Cyber-Physical Production Systems

(ETFA 4/9) Lisa Sonnleithner, Bianca Wiesmayr, Antonio Gutierrez, Rick Rabiser, Alois Zoitl: Complexity of Structured Text in IEC 61499 Function Blocks: A Survey

(ETFA 5/9) Philipp Bauer, Lisa Sonnleithner, Elene Kutsia, Rick Rabiser, Alois Zoitl: Using Tool Support to Visualize and Interact with IEC 61499 Control Software

(ETFA 6/9) Lisa Sonnleithner, Anna-Lena Hager, Kristof Meixner, Alois Zoitl: IEC 61499 Skill-based Distributed Design Pattern

(ETFA 7/9) Tarik Terzimehić, Eddie Groh, Alois Zoitl: Composing Services with SMT-Based Deployment Optimization and Service Merging Heuristic

(ETFA 8/9) Mainak Majumder, Alois Zoitl: A Domain-Driven Design Oriented OPC UA Server Development Methodology for CPPS

(ETFA 9/9) Michael Oberlehner, Andreas Eigner, Manuel Wimmer, Alois Zoitl: Exploring Refactoring Operations for IEC 61499

(SPLC) Hafiyyan Sayyid Fadhlillah, Antonio Manuel Gutierrez Fernandez, Rick Rabiser, Alois Zoitl: Managing Cyber-Physical Production Systems Variability using V4rdiac: Industrial Experiences