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Faculty of Social Sciences, Economics & Business
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Unser Leitbild.


  • Strengthening and developing base knowledge and applied research in the framework of cooperation in Austria and abroad to the highest level
  • Continual development of research-based studies and education courses that appeal to students didactically, methodically, in form and content within the region as well as beyond the borders.
  • Systematic support and advancement of young scholars and junior researchers
  • Creating points of reference for recognized standards of quality and grasping social support in research and education
  • Improving the knowledge-transfer process to the public

Our Mission.

(in Research and Teaching)

Innovative and application oriented research creates a synergy effect that leads to internationally recognized findings and contributes greatly to prestigiousness within the Upper Austrian economy.
The degree program in Business Informatics, for example, is a renowned example.

Interdisciplinary transfer of knowledge between the areas of study and research at the Faculty of Business as well as cooperation with other faculties ensures mutual and reciprocal exchange of innovative impulses and accelerates the development of new, practice relevant areas of study in business, industry and society.

The rapid implementation of available, current knowledge and the transfer of current scientific research results in the education process provide essential scientific and academic impulses which have positive effects on the job market.
Graduates of the Business School are innovators in various areas of business and society.


The academic degree programs offered at the Business School are supported by a responsible professional policy that serves to support and develop the creative potential of faculty members and students.

Instruction and training in various areas of social competence skills prepare graduates for the challenges in their careers and convey essential skills and capabilities necessary to examine and solve future problems.

Equal opportunity is a fundamental basis for human resource and research political decisions.


(in Education and Research)

The Faculty of Social Sciences, Economics and Business is an integral part of the Johannes Kepler University Linz, boasting many outstanding achievements in education and research

The Faculty's distinguished accomplishments result from over five decades of academic commitment and activity stemming from a rich historical background. Since 1966, milestones in research and education considered innovative and trend-setting at the time have established the Johannes Kepler University today as a renowned institution of higher education for Social Sciences, Economics and Business.

From the beginning, academic accomplishments in research and education at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Economics and Business have played a key role in contributing to the Johannes Kepler University's international reputation as well as to the development of networked cooperation in support of socio-economic research in Austria.