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Linz Seminar on Fuzzy Set Theory.

Since their inception the Linz Seminars on Fuzzy Set Theory have emphasized the development of mathematical aspects in the context of fuzzy sets by bringing together researchers in fuzzy set theory and established mathematicians whose work outside the fuzzy setting can provide directions for further research.

The philosophy of the seminar has always been to keep it deliberately small and intimate so that informal critical discussions remain central. The number of participants of the Linz Seminars is usually bounded above by 40 with broad international representation and a mix of pure and applied interests; there are no parallel sessions so that all participants focus on each presentation and fully engage in each topic; and there is ample time for discussion of each presentation, with followup round tables for discussion of open problems and issues raised in the talks.

Initiated by Prof. Erich Peter Klement in 1979 the seminar series has been organized by our department regularly every year changing to an almost biannual schedule in 2014. Each seminar is dedicated to a particular theme, the most recent being

  • LINZ 2023: Copulas — Theory and Applications
  • LINZ 2022: Many-Valued Logics: Theory and Applications
  • LINZ 2019: Set Functions in Games and Decision
  • LINZ 2017: Enriched Category Theory and Related Topics
  • LINZ 2016: Functional Equations and Inequalities
  • LINZ 2014: Graded Logical Approaches and their Applications