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After Graduation

Graduation and job integration

  • Career information
  • Job application training / Assessment centre training
  • Job-related internships at home and abroad
  • Job integration (PR, mentoring)

Labour market integration

The ultimate goal of study support for people with disabilities is self-reliance and independence, especially in economic terms. Therefore, special emphasis must be placed on the transition to working life. In addition to professional qualifications, "soft skills" must be particularly promoted and demanded. The Institute itself or through its network has partners who can cover training such as communication and teamwork skills, job search skills, speech/presentation training, assessment centre training, communication of disability - disability as a resource, AT in the workplace ... can cover.

Furthermore, awareness raising in the labour market is necessary to reduce prejudices and build opportunities. The Institute supports internships at home and abroad with its large network. The Institute also played a leading role in setting up the service centre ABAK (Jobs for Academics with Disabilities).