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Service & Support

Service and Support Center.

A key issue in supporting integration or inclusion of students with disabilities and / or chronic diseases is participation in education and training. Integriert Studieren tries to identify barriers that hinder the learning and participation of students with disabilities and / or chronic diseases in order to eradicate inequality and establish educational equity.

Our target groups cannot work with books, magazines, handouts, websites and videos in their usual form or only with difficulty. This makes it difficult for them to participate in education and society. Accessible (digital) information and materials that are available on computer, laptop or tablet make training and self-determined participation easier.

Chance ICT

Computers and "Assistive Technology" are essential for students with disabilities and / or chronic diseases: 

  • Braille output
  • Screen enlargement
  • Reading software
  • Alternative input devices such as joysticks, special keyboards, etc.

Wherever the computer is used - and thus in almost all areas of life - participation and cooperation is possible.

Research, development and teaching

Integriert Studieren is firmly anchored in the international community and is part of a large network of experts. As a research and teaching institute, Integriert Studieren ensures, that students from a wide range of academic fields raise awareness of accessibility, integration and the design of a world open to all by means of information and communication technology and assistive technologies.

Service and Support Center 

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