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Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Stefan Koch

Curriculum Vitae


Vice-Rector for Student Affairs

Chair for Business Informatics - Information Engineering, Johannes Kepler University Linz

Department Chair, Department of Management, Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey (re-elected 2015)

Professor of Management / Information Systems, Department of Management, Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turke

Department Vice Chair, Department of Management, Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey

Associate Professor of Management / Information Systems, Department of Management, Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey

Associate Professor, Department for Information Systems and Operations (Institute for Information Business, Prof. Janko), WU - Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria

Associate Professor („Habilitation“) for Business Administration, especially Information Systems WU - Vienna University of Economics and Business

Ph.D. in  Management (Information Systems) WU - Vienna University of Economics and Business

Diploma Studies Wirtschaftsinformatik (Information Systems) University Vienna / Technical University Vienna

Research focus

Research activities to date have focused on several interconnected areas in information systems and management, based on two interpretations of the field of information systems. The first line of research deals with questions related to the management of information and IT in organizations. This includes most importantly the topics of digital transformation and IT strategy, IT business value, governance and organizational adoption, with a focus on effort and benefit estimation for information systems. Relevant contexts include ERP system implementation and maintenance, business analytics, and social media. The second major line of research interprets the field of information systems as encompassing the management of companies working in the area of software, or more generally information goods in the network economy. Research was done on topics like software ecosystems, start-ups or app markets. As an overlapping area, the management of innovation and technology within both areas was covered, especially focusing on open and user innovation, as well as crowdsourcing and the role of communities and platforms in innovation management, as well as diffusion of innovations and individual adoption. Open source software and the associated development model served as a context for much of this work, with empirical research in this area mostly based on mining the associated software repositories, and using the retrieved information for effort estimation, efficiency comparisons using data envelopment analysis, or software evolution studies.

Selected publications

Goman, M. and Koch, S. (to appear) “Multiplicative aggregation in managerial multi-attribute decision making”, International Journal of Multicriteria Decision Making.

Mühlburger, M., Rückel, D., and Koch, S. (2020) “An Updated Framework of Factors Enabling Digital Transformation”, Pacific Asia Journal of the Association of Information Systems, 12(4), Article 1.

Koch, S. and Artmayr, P. (2020) “Stability and Development of User Innovation Strategies for Video Game Producers”, European Journal of Innovation Management, 23(5), pp. 753-764. (SSCI)

Barth, C. and Koch, S. (2019) "Critical success factors in ERP upgrade projects", Industrial Management & Data Systems, 119(3), pp. 656-675. (SCIe)

Krumay, B., Rueckel, D., and Koch, S. (2019) “Model for Strategic Positioning in
Transformative Situations”, Proceedings of ICIS 2019 – International Conference on Information Systems, Munich, Germany, 2019.