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Institute of Business Informatics – Information Engineering
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Scientific Theses.

The following topics are currently offered for the Bachelor's, Master's and, if applicable, PhD program. 

The supervision of these final theses is carried out in the context of the related courses. In addition to the topics offered here, interested students or industry partners can also submit their own topic suggestions to our faculty members.

The following topics are also the focus of the institute's research:

  • Antecedents of digitalization strategies in organizations
  • Benchmarking of digitalization strategies and programs
  • Success factors of implementing digitalization strategies in organizations
  • Open strategic IT planning, information requirements for strategic IT planning and use of forecast markets
  • CIO Roles, Strategies and Success

  • ERP upgrade, extension and replacement decisions and projects
  • Methods to support estimating the cost and benefit of business analytics projects in organizations
  • Path dependency as well as driving and inhibiting factors in IT investment decisions

  • Acceptance of business analytics by organizations and users in organizations
  • Consumer acceptance of business analytics
  • Negotiation and formulation of SLAs
  • Markov chains for modeling role evolution in open source projects
  • Task definition and incentive selection in crowdsourcing

  • Cultural differences in the acceptance of pricing models for software products
  • Management and governance of software ecosystems and platforms
  • Effects of participating in IT platforms, standards and ecosystems on the innovative power of organizations
  • Price discrimination of software products based on data release and use
  • Use of toolkits for user innovation and its impact on the success of software, in particular video games.
  • Effects of crowdfunding on product success in the information goods industry
  • Strategies for products and their marketing in app markets
  • Open data and its impact on IT start-up companies
  • Career paths by employment in new IT companies
  • Obstacles and factors in IT procurement from and by start-up companies
  • Effects of public procurement on new IT companies

  • Methodology to conduct longitudinal studies in IT governance and strategic information management
  • Methods and metrics for direct and indirect success evaluation of software products
  • Methods for characterizing software ecosystems and platforms as well as their evolution
  • Data envelopment analysis (DEA) as a method in information management