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Formal Guidelines.

All works and presentations which are created in the context of courses of the Institute have to be formatted according to the templates that are provided here.

In order to ensure uniform presentation of the papers, the Institute insists on following strict formal criteria which are defined below.

As an additional service for our students we provide templates for Microsoft Word and Powerpoint.

These standards apply to all products at the Institute (e.g. publications, lecture manuscripts and presentations) as well as to all materials created by students at the Institute within the framework of lectures, theses, term papers, etc.

General Guidelines

  • All papers have to be written in German or English 
  • Each document has a cover sheet that clearly identifies the author (name, matriculation number, e-mail), the title and the date of its creation. The header or footer contains the name of the author(s), the title and the current page number (in that order). The letterhead of the Institute and the University of Linz is not used for student papers.
  • Statements taken literally or mutatis mutandis from other sources - insofar as they are not common property - are to be quoted in an appropriate manner. All citations must be indicated following a clearly defined and commonly accepted reference styles (Standard APA 7, opens an external URL in a new window
  • In the case of papers of more than 5 pages, the contents must be systematically structured, consisting of a list of contents, abbreviations, illustrations, tables, main text, appendix, bibliography.
  • Digital documents must be submitted in original format (MS-Word, LaTeX, Libreoffice) and Adobe PDF. Printed works must be stapled or bound.