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Institute of Computational Perception
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Our Team

Group Picture of the the Institute of Computational Perception


Name Group Room Extension E-Mail
Gerhard Widmer, Univ.-Prof., Dr.   S3 445 4701 gerhard.widmer@jku.at
Markus Schedl, Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. MMS/HCAI S3 407 4716 markus.schedl@jku.at


Name Room Extension E-Mail
Claudia Kindermann S3 443 4700 claudia.kindermann@jku.at

LIT AI Lab Perception Group

Name Room Extension Email
Lukas Samuel Martak, M.Sc. S3 442



LIT AI PhD School

Name Group       


Extension E-Mail
Alessandro B. Melchiorre, M.Sc. MMS/HCAI

S3 406


4723 alessandro.melchiorre@jku.at

LIT Secure and Correct Systems Lab

Name Room Extension E-Mail
Philipp Schwarz, DI



9539 philipp.schwarz@jku.at

Student Research Assistants

Name Group Room Extension


Stefan Brandl

MMS/HCAI S3 403 4712 stefan.brandl@jku.at
Emil Dobetsberger MMS/HCAI S3 4700


Vasco Bezold Rosner Fragoso MMS/HCAI   4700 vasco.fragoso@jku.at
Christian Ganhör MMS/HCAI S3 403 4712 christian.ganhoer@jku.at
Lukas Hauzenberger MMS/HCAI S3 508 4700 lukas.hauzenberger@jku.at
Benjamin Minixhofer MMS/HCAI S3 508 4700 benjamin.minixhofer@jku.at
Shahed Masoudian   S3 4700 shahed.masoudian@jku.at
Matthias Plasser   S3 4700 matthias.plasser@jku.at
Florian Rothkegel MMS/HCAI S3 4700 florian.rothkegel@jku.at
Theresa Rubenzucker MMS/HCAI S3 4700 theresa.rubenzucker@jku.at
Ivan Pilkov   S3 4700 ivan.pilkov@jku.at
Florian Schmid       florian.schmid@jku.at
Jovana Usorac MMS/HCAI S3 4700 jovana.usorac@jku.at
Nimrod Varga   Vienna   nimrod.varga@jku.at
Alexander Wallner MMS/HCAI S3 4700 alexander.wallner@jku.at
Tobias Washüttl   S3 4700


Systems Administration

Name Room Extension E-Mail

Antonia Ebner

S3 437



External PhD Students and Guest Researchers

Name Group Room Extension E-Mail

Former Members


Andreas Arzt, Univ.-Ass., Dr.


Anna Aljanaki, PhD


Stefan Balke, Dr.-Ing.

Christine Bauer, Mag. DI Dr., opens in new window          
Sebastian Böck, Dr.          
Charles Brazier M.Sc.          
Peter Chalupar          
Tom Collins, Ph.D., opens an external URL in a new window          
Yashar Deldjoo, PhD          
Matthias Dorfer, Dr.          
Georgi Dzhambazov, M.Sc.    
Hamid Eghbal-zadeh, Dr. techn.          
Katayoun Farrahi, Ph.D.          

Bruce Ferwerda, Dr., opens an external URL in a new window

Sebastian Flossmann, Dr.          
William Freilinger          
Florian Fritzl          
Harald Frostel, Dipl.-Ing.          
Thassilo Gadermaier, Mag. Phil.          
Werner Goebl, Dr., opens an external URL in a new window          
Maarten Grachten, Dr., opens an external URL in a new window          
Klaus Grasserbauer, BSc.          
David Hauger, Dipl.-Ing.          
Florian Henkel, Dr.​​​​​​​          
Florian Hörschläger, Dipl.-Ing.          
Peter Knees, Dr., opens an external URL in a new window          
Florian Krebs, Dr.          
Filip Korzeniowski, Dr. techn.          
Stefan Lattner, Dipl.-Ing., opens an external URL in a new window          
Bernhard Lehner, Dr. techn.          
Bernhard Niedermayer, Dr.          
Tim Pohle, Dr.          
Martin Preinfalk, Dipl.-Ing.          
Alexander Raschl          
Dominik Schnitzer, Dr.          
David Sears, PhD, opens an external URL in a new window          
Klaus Seyerlehner, Dr.          
Marcin Skowron, Ph.D., opens an external URL in a new window          
Reinhard Sonnleitner, Dr.          
Marko Tkalcic, Ph.D., opens an external URL in a new window          

Andreu Vall, Dr. techn.

Richard Vogl, Dr. techn.          
Eelco Wichert          
Dr. Eva Zangerle, opens an external URL in a new window