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Institute of Computational Perception
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Project Practical ("Bachelor's Thesis")

This class is taught each semester (summer as well as winter semester) by Josef Scharinger.

Goals of this class

General goal: write the "Bachelor's Thesis" for the Bachelors Program "Informatik".

Concrete goals: gain practical knowledge about techniques and problems that are relevant at the Institute of Computational Perception (AI, machine learning, knowledge extraction, data- and text mining, cryptography, biometric identification, intelligent audio- and music processing, image processing). Implement and document a prototype system that solves an interesting problem in one of the above mentioned areas.


You can start this class any time you like! In order to do so, simply contact the preferred advisor (Josef Scharinger or any other scientific member of our Institute of Computational Perception), fix a brief meeting, and define your topic (which can be chosen from the list of available thesis topics, but can alternatively also be defined according to your interests in cooperation with the preferred advisor).