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Seminar in Networks and Security: Biometrics and Cryptography

This class is taught each winter semester by Josef Scharinger.

General information

General goal of this seminar: improve knowledge and skills in literature research, independent development of a topic that is novel to the student, presentation of results (delivering an oral presentation and a written report).

Language: English or German, according to students preference.

Specific content and activities to be performed

1. Choose your favorite topic from a list (quite comprehensive, provided by course supervisor) of topics selected from the areas of biometrics as well as cryptography (at start of semester)

2. Find and study relevant literature (6-8 papers), compile annotated bibliography (about 10 lines per paper, to be done by middle of semester) 

3. Deliver oral seminar presentation (about 20 minutes, second half of semester) 

4. Deliver written seminar report (about 12 pages, until end of semester) 

Preceding/accompanying participation in courses "Biometrics" or "Cryptography" may be helpful, but not mandatory!