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Institute of Computational Perception
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Recommender Systems

Student Projects in Recommender Systems

Contacts (if not stated otherwise): Markus Schedl.

Remark: We are open for new proposals - if you are interested in Recommender Systems, feel free to contact us!


  • Extracting music listening intents/purposes from music-related and behavioral data for user modeling
  • Fairness of recommendation algorithms
  • Disentangled representation learning for recommendation
  • Removing unwanted bias/information in deep neural networks using information theory
  •  Debiasing deep models using Siamese neural networks
  • Debiasing graph-based models (graph neural networks)
  • Multistakeholder recommender systems
  • Multi-objective bias mitigation in recommender systems
  • Popularity bias in recommender systems
  • Explainability in recommender systems
  • Robustness of recommendation algorithms
  • Differential privacy in recommendation algorithms
  • Carbon footprint of recommender system algorithms
  • Psychology-informed recommender systems (cognition models, affect-aware, personality-aware systems)
  • Psychology-inspired sampling strategies for collaborative filtering
  • Post-processing collaborative filtering results according to psychological curiosity-arousal-model
  • Session-based recommendation
  • Sequential recommendation
  • Recommender systems based on large language models
  • Recommender systems based on diffusion models
  • Adversarial training for unlearning protected user characteristics in DNN-based RecSys
  • Autoencoders for recommender systems
  • Simulating the long-term impact of recommendation algorithms
  • Conversational recommender systems
  • Domain-specific recommender systems, e.g., music, jobs, point-of-interest, accommodation, fashion, etc.
  • User studies on bias and fairness of recommender systems