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 Interactive Rendering and Visualization


Real-time rendering and visualization techniques are essential fundamentals for many areas in computer graphics, such as computer games, interactive graphics applications, information visualization, and scientific visualization. This course will summarize the most important topics of modern areas of interactive computer graphics and visualization. Participants will learn fundamental computer graphic techniques for computer games, information visualization and scientific visualization.


In particular, this course will discuss the following constitutive topics: Introduction to interactive computer graphics and visualization, information visualization and scientific visualization, computational illumination, high-dynamic range visualization (including tone-mapping and inverse tone-mapping), non-photorealistic rendering (including cartoon-based rendering, artistic rendering, and sketch-based rendering), image-based rendering (including lightfields, billboards, and sprites), volume and point-based rendering (splatting), scalar-, vector- and tensor-visualization; domain modelling, table-, tree-, graph- and text-visualization.

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