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Kurt Rothschild School of Economics and Statistics
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„It's better to ask an important question than to answer an unimportant question.“

O.Univ. Prof. Dr. Kurt W. Rothschild,
attributed by G. Tichy
Kurt W. Rothschild


The School coordinates research and teaching in applied statistics and economics. The key expertise of the School lies in the areas of data analysis and empirical methods, focussing on current social and economic issues. Statistical methods combined with an analytical economics approach can provide important, evidence-based insights for policy-making.

Research: The three central research themes at the School are: Epidemiology and Public Health, Future of Work, and Data Science. The School draws on extensive international experience and strong networks in all of these areas. National and international institutions support our research in the Data Lab Linz. 

Our research is internationally visible and impactful, for example, we publish in prestigious international journals, actively participate in the EU's largest social science research program (SHARE, opens an external URL in a new window), publish the journal Statistical Papers, opens an external URL in a new window, and foster an active and open research culture.

Teaching: We operate the PhD program in Economics and Statistics in partnership with the University of Innsbruck, preparing students for a scientific career. In addition, our undergraduate degree programs in Statistics & Data Science and Business & Economics provide an outstanding educational background to help students launch the professional career of their choice (more details).