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Latest News

All press reports prior to 2019 are available here, opens an external URL.


The influence of neoliberalism on Austrian party programs

A blog post by Christian Grimm on "Arbeit&Wirtschaft"


Surveillance capitalism: Internet as totalitarian market

Walter Ötsch analyzes the transformation of the internet into a market.


Working Document of the EU Commission citing ICAE study

Inventories and concentration of private assets are topics in the country report


Male, micro-economic, mainstream?

Is there diversity in german economic professorships? Stephan Pühringer and Christian Grimm in an article in the magazine "Makronom".


Human and environmental law in global supply chains

Panel discussion with Bernhard Schütz (ICAE)


Philipp Heimberger in Ö1

"Dimensions - Quarrels about Quantitative Easing": A contribution by Philipp Heimberger in the Ö1 - Radiokolleg.