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Final Theses

Bachelor's, Master's, and Diploma theses and dissertations can be written at the Institute for Entrepreneurship.

Theses serve as proof of the ability to work on a problem or research question independently, correctly in terms of content and method.

We expect students who are interested in writing a thesis at the Institute of Entrepreneurship to use high-quality literature and the APA citation style (see relevant links).


Important information can be found in the download box on this page.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Diploma thesis

If you are entitled to write a diploma thesis in the subject of Business Creation and Development (diploma programs) according to the curriculum, there is the possibility to write a diploma thesis at the institute, depending on supervision capacity. If you are interested, please send an e-mail to ent(at)jku.at.


Bachelor's thesis

The Bachelor's thesis is written as part of a Bachelor's seminar (LVA no. 281.600; class: 515WIARBASS20). Registration for this takes place in KUSSS during the main registration period. After the allocation, a Bachelor's thesis topic can be selected during the first LVA date. When the topic is selected, the supervising teacher is also assigned. From this point on, the individual supervision process begins throughout the semester.

At the end of the semester and after completion of the Bachelor's thesis, it is presented to the supervisors and fellow students as part of the seminar.

Students from "old curricula" can take the above-mentioned seminar for credit (instead of "Seminar 1 aus Unternehmensgründung NUR für Bachelorarbeiten" or "Bachelorseminar (inkl. Bachelorarbeit)“.


Master's thesis

The Master's thesis is written as part of our Master's thesis seminar

Master's thesis topics are advertised by the Institute for Entrepreneurship. If you are interested in a topic, please send the completed application form (see download box), including the concept (exposé), to the secretary's office or to the supervisor specified in the advertisement.

It is also possible to apply with your own topic for the Master's thesis at the Institute. The application process is necessary for the examination of the supervision in advance, as well as due to limited supervision possibilities. In the case of an unsolicited application, in addition to the application form, we expect a brief description of a relevant topic proposal and initial ideas for the empirical treatment of the research question (= exposé), as well as the name of any existing supervisor of choice. For orientation, please refer to the main research areas of the institute.

After receipt of the concept, the assignment for supervision at the institute is checked and an initial interview with the supervisor is arranged. Students can only register the Master's thesis topic with the JKU Examination Office and attend the Master's Thesis Seminar once the supervision relationship has been approved.



Theses at the Institute of Entrepreneurship can be written individually or in pairs, depending on the respective topic. The page limit per person is approx. 30 pages or 8,000 words for Bachelor theses and approx. 60 pages or 16,000 words for Master theses (excluding cover sheet, table of contents and appendix). Theses may be written in English, depending on the requirements of the curriculum and after consultation with the assigned supervisor.

Master's thesis: Two bound copies of the thesis (including an affidavit) must be submitted to the Examination and Recognition Service by the submission deadline. An electronic version will also be uploaded for the plagiarism check. Details on submitting the thesis can be found here. Irrespective of this, an electronic version of the thesis is submitted to the supervisor as a PDF file and DOCX file.

Bachelor's thesis: For Bachelor's theses, the thesis is submitted to the supervisor.

Thesis topics