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FAQs on teaching

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about our courses. The information is updated regularly. Before contacting the institute, please check as to whether or not the answer to your question is here.


No. You must fulfill prerequisites as required in order to take part in courses.

If there are spots open in certain courses once the end course registration period has ended and students have been allocated to courses via KUSSS, students can sign up for those open spots.

Course attendance is mandatory for all courses beginning on the first class date.

At this time, you will get information about mandatory attendance for other units. Information about the respective courses is available in the course catalog or in KUSSS.

Sign up for classes via KUSSS during the designated course registration period. Once the course registration period has ended, students will be notified as to whether or not they are in the course. You can drop the course on your own via KUSSS up until the first date; after this time, only the course instructor can drop you from the course.

WiWi/BWL Curriculum Amendments

Unternehmensgründung und -entwicklung is offered as part of the subject area "Organization, Innovation and Entrepreneurship" (minor or major).

Students who started the subject area "Unternehmensgründung und Unternehmensentwicklung" before October 1, 2021, can complete the subject area by successfully earning 16.5 ECTS credits according to the equivalence list (see Curriculum, opens a file, section L).

In addition to the generally applicable prerequisites, the KS Introduction to Organization and KS Introduction to Change and Innovation Management are required.

Information on the conversion from Economics to Business Administration can be found in the downloads at: https://www.jku.at/studium/studienarten/bachelordiplom/ba-betriebswirtschaftslehre/
You can find the equivalence lists for the Bachelor's degree program in Economics at the end of the Bachelor's degree program in Economics curriculum, version from 1.10.2021. Available for download on the page "Bachelor's degree program in Economics": https://www.jku.at/studium/studienarten/bachelordiplom/ba-wirtschaftswissenschaften/

The number of ECTS credits does not match the previous subject. You need 16.5 ECTS credits to complete the subject. A list of the courses to be completed can be found in the equivalence list. A subject examination is not required.


Please note: To achieve the 16.5 ECTS, you need the KS Market-oriented Management: Fundamentals AND KS Essentials of Leadership Skills.


Die aktuelle Äquivalenzliste finden Sie here , opens a file(section L).

In order not to overlook anything in individual cases, we recommend that you enquire at the Office of Examination and Recognition Services.

Due to a change in the curriculum, students have required substitute courses worth 16.5 ECTS (instead of the previous 15 ECTS) since October 1, 2021 in order to complete the subject "Unternehmensgründung und Unternehmensentwicklung" (see Curriculum section L, opens a file). This means that the KS Essentials of Leadership and Change (3 ECTS) AND the KS Market-oriented Management: Fundamentals (3 ECTS) must be completed. If one of the two courses is required for another specialization, students can take the SE Entrepreneurial and Leadership Skills seminar as a substitute.

You are enrolled in the Bachelor's degree program in Business Law (033/500) and have chosen "Unternehmensgründung und Unternehmensentwicklung" as your major subject in Business Administration:

§ 13 Substitute courses from the WiWi curriculum, valid from 1.10.2021

Section L - Specialization "Unternehmensgründung und Unternehmensentwicklung"

(1) If courses are no longer offered in the WiWi 2009 curriculum in the major subject "Unternehmensgründung und Unternehmensentwicklung" (18 ECTS), the following courses must be completed as substitutes:

1. the KS Innovation and Entrepreneurship (515MAOIFIEK20, 3 ECTS, 2 SSt) must be completed for the KS Unternehmensgründung und -entwicklung 1 (572UGEWUG1K15, 4 ECTS, 2 SSt).

2. the KS Essentials of Leadership and Change (515MASLELCK20, 3 ECTS, 2 SSt) OR/AND (see para. 5) the KS Market-oriented Management: Fundamentals (515MASMMAGK20, 3 ECTS, 2 SSt) must be completed for the KS Unternehmensgründung und -entwicklung 2 (572UGEWUG2K15, 4 ECTS, 2 SSt).


For the substitute courses listed below, select courses from the Institute of Entrepreneurship, starting with LVA no. 281..., in order to guarantee the entrepreneurship area:

3. the SE Advanced Topics in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (515OIEAATIS20, 3 ECTS, 2 SSt) must be completed for the IK Intensivierungskurs 2 aus Unternehmensgründung (572UGEWIK2U15, 1,5 ECTS, 1 SSt) AND the IK Intensivierungskurs 3 aus Unternehmensgründung (572UGEWIK3U15, 1,5 ECTS, 1 SSt).

4. the SE Research Seminar in Organisation, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (515RSOIRSOS20, 3 ECTS, 2 SSt) must be completed for the SE 1 aus Unternehmensgründung (572UGEWSE1S15, 4 ECTS, 2 SSt).

5. The subject is completed when students collected at least 16.5 ECTS of courses (previously attended courses together with the ones under Z. 1 to 4 substitute courses); if the 16.5 ECTS are not met, both courses of Z. 2 need to be completed.

Final Thesis

Please note the information on https://www.jku.at/institut-fuer-entrepreneurship/lehre/abschlussarbeiten/. Register for the Bachelor Seminar (Class: 515WIARBASS20, SE Bachelorseminar (inkl. Bachelorarbeit) – Curriculum Bachelorstudium Betriebswirtschaftslehre 2020W or Class: 572UGEWSE1S15, SE Seminar 1 aus Unternehmensgründung – Curriculum Bachelorstudium Wirtschaftswissenschaften 2019W). If you are assigned to a Bachelor's seminar, you can write the thesis at the institute. No additional application is required.

Students of the Master's program in Law and Economics for Technicians (link to JKU-Website: https://www.jku.at/studium/studienarten/master/ma-rewitech/ ) can write a Master's thesis at the Institute, depending on supervision capacity. You can find more information about the general conditions and procedure here!

If you are entitled to write a diploma thesis at our institute according to the curriculum, there is the possibility to write a diploma thesis at the institute, depending on supervision capacity. If you are interested, please send an e-mail to ent(at)jku.at.


If your curriculum includes an oral examination (specialization subject), the subject is only completed once you have passed the oral examination. For the examination literature, please send a request to ent(at)jku.at.

The relevant examination literature for the overall written examination of the Major Organization, Innovation and Entrepreneurship is available for download here.

The examiner can be found in the KUSSS under "Announcement" at the respective date.

According to the curriculum (valid until 30.09.2020), a subject examination is not necessary; completion of the specialization to the extent of 18 ECTS is sufficient.